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ADE Water Cannon

Throughout our 30 years of operation, Australian Diversified Engineering has fielded many requests from mine sites for a simple and reliable hydraulic actuated water cannon. To meet these various requests, our engineers have developed a water cannon that is both simple and ingenious, by incorporating resourceful design elements for operators.

Firstly, we borrowed the on / off valve design from our reliable and effective ADE Spray Head, already proven to work successfully on mine sites. Having no rotational action improves seal life and the replacement part is an affordable rubber seal, rather than a complete gland or butterfly valve assembly. Our next focus was the rotational joints, we designed a fully sealed swivel bearing assembly which requires no servicing.

Our clients also wanted the simplicity of hydraulic cylinders, which would normally mean a separate hydraulic control cabinet and a mess of hydraulic hoses. Our solution was to incorporate the hydraulic control manifolds into the water cannon design, which greatly simplifies the installation and onsite maintenance.

The engineer's final step was to ruggedize the equipment's body, making for better resistance to wear within extreme weather conditions, harsh environments or if the machine is simply overworked. In addition, it is now manufactured from 316 stainless steel, therefore withstanding the worst of mine water.

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