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Can't find the answers your looking for? We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

  • Can you fit an ADE Spray System to a new tank and truck?
    Yes. We work directly with OEM truck suppliers and tank manufacturers. We regularly work with tank manufacturers to ensure our products integrate seamlessly. Most leading water tank manufacturers already have tank and spray bar designs that incorporate the ADE Spray System.
  • Can you retrofit the ADE Spray System onto an existing tank?
    Yes. An ADE Spray System can be installed onto a water truck in approx 5 days. We can even do it in your workshop on site. If your water truck is coming offsite for an overhaul, this is the perfect time to fit a new spray system.
  • How long does it take to install the ADE Spray System?
    New tank build: Allow 3 days to install. Retrofit: Retrofits can take a bit longer as the old system needs to be removed prior to installation. Depending on the scope of work it will take approx 5-10 days.
  • Can the ADE Spray System be installed onto any truck model?
    Yes. ADE Spray can be installed onto any water truck whos water pump is powered by a hydraulic pump: - On-highway council style water trucks - ADT water trucks - CAT 773 / 775 / 777 / 785 / 789 / 793 - Komatsu HD605 / HD785 / 730 / 830 /930
  • Are you available after hours?
    If you are after urgent assistance out of standard office hours, please email We understand that many of our customers are mining operations that operate 24/7 and may need support out of hours.
  • Do you provide onsite installation?
    Yes. We can supply and fit our spray systems anywhere in the world. We use a combination of experienced technicians and local labour. Our products can also be supplied in kit form so that you can manage your own installation. The products come complete with detailed installation guides.
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