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Learn Online

We can provide online learning courses for our range of products, reducing the cost and complexity of rolling out training across multiple sites and crews.


E-Learning offers sites the flexibility in scheduling training and ensuring all employees receive the same training.


Courses are available in English and Spanish, additional languages available upon request.

Water Truck Operators

Take advantage of standardised water truck operator training, improving communication and culture.


Operators complete a 45min online training course which includes an assessment.

Haul Road Friction Assessment

Learn how to measure haul road friction using a light vehicle and an iPhone.

Auditing and assessment documentation is included for site use.

Maintenance Knowledgebase

Workshop have access to an online knowledge base that includes detailed information, instructional guides and videos.


The content can be viewed on any smart device, for example a mechanic can quickly brush up on their spray system knowledge by watching an instructional video on their phone before performing a maintenance task.


Content is continually updated and we encourage sites to send through content suggestions.

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