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Haul Road Friction Assessment

We slid a truck

So that you don't have too

Mine Road Surface Friction Assessment and Profiling

Uncontrolled vehicle movements are a significant safety issue on mine road networks. To better manage the hazard, you need to objectively measure the risk.


RoadSafety Training Services (RTS) pioneered and developed this protocol designed specifically for mine road networks. This Safety initiative is endorsed by the Queensland Mines Inspectorate

Protocol outcomes :

  • Mine haul road safe friction profiling

  • Mine haul road water application management

  • Mine haul road network safety audit

  • Water Cart Fleet; water application (ground rate) calibration


Mine site solutions :

  • On-site consultation services

  • RTS/ADE conducted audit of mine haul road network

    • Friction assessment and profiling

    • Water application management advisory service

  • Training services

    • On-site training of friction assessment

      • Annual refresher course
    • On-site training of Vericom friction meters

      • Including Vericom V-Sense Brake Meter

    • On-site training of Friction Plus by ADE iPhone app
  • Road network safety presentations and awareness sessions


Road Friction Classification.png
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