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Spray Systems


The operator sets the amount of water to be sprayed on to the haul road.

Water is consistently applied at a measured rate.


Effectively suppress dust and safely apply more water to more of the mine, with Multiport spray head technology.


Superior water control prevents overwatering at high hazard locations such as ramps and intersections.


Ready for the future, ADE Spray can be linked to third party fleet management systems and autonomous controllers. The onboard data log can also be downloaded to a USB stick.

Superior water control, simple user inputs and customisable autonomous functions make it easy to improve your water truck operations.

Setting the water application rate is as easy as pressing the + and - buttons. To further improve safety, supervisors can guide operators on the ideal water rate based on friction measurement. Limitations can also be put on the maximum water rate when on a flat road or ramp.

The simple rate adjustment will improve the communication and culture on site, now that everyone is speaking the same language it is easy to share advice and train new operators.

Download the water truck data logs and find more operational improvements and efficiencies. 

ADE Spray can be retrofitted onto existing water trucks of any make and model. In fact, the kit design is universal.


Typical water truck models include:

  • Caterpillar 773 / 777 / 785 / 789 / 793

  • Komatsu HD785-5 / HD785-7/ HD605 / 730E / 830E / 930E

For new installations, ADE will work directly with the tank manufacturer to optimise the installation.

A 'Civil' water truck option is available for road going council style water trucks

Improve Your Operations

Retrofit & New Installations


Achieve the same outcome with less water trucks.

Increase total road distance sprayed per shift.

Improved haul road conditions.

Increased haul truck tire life.


Reduced water truck and haul fleet operation costs.

Reduced haul road maintenance costs.

Reduced haul fleet maintenance costs.

Reduced tire costs.

With proper implementation, process improvements and commitment of the mine stakeholders the noted safety and operational benefits may be realised.


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