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Friction Plus by ADE

From the beginning, ADE set out to solve safety-related issues on mine haul roads and has developed innovative products such as the ADE Spray system to suppress fugitive dust emissions and prevent truck slides and vehicle rollovers, ultimately delivering operational cost savings to mine operators.

Another pioneering product launched last year is the 'Friction Plus by ADE' app, developed to minimise the already high risks involved with driving on mining roads. The app developed for Apple users enables miners to measure haul road friction using their iPhone or iPad, giving them the ability to measure possible risks and quickly assess operations to evaluate improvement strategies.

While the app has been designed to better support the decision-making process around dust suppression and road building activities, information derived from using the app helps support the water truck operations and overall road maintenance strategies. In the long term, consistent road friction and improved road conditions will lead to confident road users and mine management.

Under the guidance of RoadSafety Training Services Australia, ADE can additionally provide training on the Global Haul Road Friction Protocol ensuring miners know how to use the 'Friction Plus by ADE' app and use a vehicle to measure the available friction of a mine haul road.

This training is best suited to supervisors, OCE's and surveyors; miners will learn how friction can be measured to improve road watering and dust suppression activities as well as road building and road maintenance tasks. Miners will also learn how friction measurement can better support the decision-making process during wet weather events.

Test results are logged locally on the users Apple device and can be quickly exported removing the need to manually log results into a notebook

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