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World Markets: USA

In March 2017, ADE Commercial Manager/Director Danny Irvine and Global Sales Manager, Eric Tomicek went to the US to attend the Elko Reverse Expo; a networking event with a twist that connects suppliers and miners in a speed dating like environment.

Elko is a small town in the north of Nevada, about a six-hour drive north of Las Vegas. It is a hub for the many gold mining operations operated by the likes of Barrick and Newmont mining corporations.

The Reverse Expo concept was a fantastic and unique experience for both of the ADE team members, as there is nothing similar to this in Australia. Both Eric and Danny had less than 10 minutes with each mining operation to explain the qualities of the ADE products and services.

Eric and Danny spent a couple of days in Elko, attending other networking events and meeting with industry colleagues.

Leaving Elko, Danny and Eric drove east to Salt Lake City, stopping at the Bonneville Salt Flats along the way. They visited a quarry customer on the outskirts of Salt Lake City who has ADE access systems fitted to their fleet of trucks, and they were also treated to a spectacular view of the Devil's Slide rock formation.

Before leaving the USA and heading home, ADE struck a deal with a USA based hydraulics company to locally manufacture and support ADE's products in the USA, reaffirming ADE's commitment to their USA customers.

Elko is a real great place to do business and ADE are looking forward to spending more time there.

The success of this trip for ADE resulted in both Eric and Danny, attending the annual Elko Mining Expo in June this year. Danny and Eric were on the ground teaching organisations how to measure friction and the key to safe and competent haul road operations. More to come in the next edition of Engineering Insider!

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