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World Markets

The mining and engineering sector is one of the biggest and undeniably most profitable industries in the world, with various countries continuing to rise in mining operations and sales, including the United States and South Africa.

In 2016, a mutual mining customer introduced ADE to the South African manufacturing company, Cobra Projects, which produce quality steel products for the region.

Since this introduction, Cobra Projects has delivered an array of ADE's products into the African mining market, including ADE Spray Heads, ADE Spray Systems and ADE Hydraulic Folding Access Systems. Excited by the prospect of getting their water truck operations under control in 2018, a South African mining operation commissioned the very first ADE Spray System in the region. Following the clear efficiency and ultimate success of the product, the mining customer ordered another eight ADE Spray Systems for their mine sites, which will commence operation within the first quarter of 2019.

In addition, under the guidance of ADE, Cobra Projects locally manufactured eleven ADE designed Hydraulic Folding Access Systems to suit the Hitachi EH5000 AC3 mining truck.

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