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The largest water truck in Australia

The main form of dust mitigation is the watering of haul roads using water trucks that have spray head valves used to apply water and in some cases chemicals to suppress dust.

One of the largest known water trucks in Australia is currently operating in the Bowen Basin, just outside of Queensland's town of Dysart. With a capacity of almost 200,000 litres, this 793C is equipped with an Austin Engineering Stairway Access tank that takes safety and stability to a new level. The innovative baffle design decreases the effects of surging, increasing truck stability and operator confidence. This water tank is also fitted with the latest ADE Spray system and ADE Water Cannon to provide optimal water application and effective dust mitigation.

The team at ADE worked closely with the tank manufacturer to incorporate the ADE designed and manufactured spray system, water cannon and spray bar pipe assembly. But it's also the little things that turn a water tank into an effective water truck, and so ADE supplied a full size 4" water transfer coupling to the front bumper and water hose reel.

Going into operation just before Christmas, 2018, the truck has been a huge hit with operators. A month later we went back to check in and in a short period of time the water truck had already clocked up over 6500 kms of road travelled and over 12 million litres of water sprayed which is well above the standard output of a typical water truck. The increased output is helping the client safely apply more water to more of the mine whilst still managing the risks of overwatering at critical locations.

By Easter the client will have three CAT 793C water trucks in operation.

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