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Letter from the General Manager

Dear All

The last six months have certainly been an exciting time for ADE. Our dedicated team of professionals has just finished an order of 17 access systems for one of our larger clients. To put this into perspective, we required three full semi-trailers to ship the product to the Bowen Basin in QLD. A big thanks to all of my team. Without them we would not be able to achieve what we do.

In March, we were awarded a contract to supply and install 10 of our new ADE Spray water truck control systems to BHP Billiton. This was an 18 month process that included the installation, testing and verification of one system prior to the remaining orders being placed. I am extremely proud to report that the ADE Spray system is in front of its competitors on all points of the tender we answered, and passed the final verification pan test on consistency across all water rates from 5 km/h to 55 km/h. This is a massive coup!

Following close on the heels of this contract, we have also received orders for an additional 16 ADE Spray systems - all to be delivered to clients before September. It is very satisfying to finally see the fruits of many years developing the most sophisticated and safe water truck control system in the world which is now being accepted as the new industry standard. To complement ADE Spray, we have recently acquired a mine haul road surface friction assessment and profiling program.

The acquisition of this program is a major step forward for us. This is the first piece of the puzzle necessary to be able to assist mine operators in reducing the number of high potential incidents (HPIs) due to loss of friction between the mobile equipment and the haul road surface. The second piece of the puzzle is ADE Spray.

According to the DNRM Safety Performance Health Report 2015-2016 vehicle HPIs make up, on average, 30% of all reported incidents. A large number of these HPIs occur due to the loss of friction on haul roads; in part due to overwatering. We know the fi rst rule of risk control is elimination, and as such we must fi rst be able to measure and quantify the risk, before being able to take the necessary steps to remove the risk. ADE is now able to provide the tools to carry out these steps.

Step 1: Use of a friction testing tool to measure and verify the available friction on the road surface when it is dry. Step 2: Use of our friction modelling tool to confirm that there is adequate friction to satisfy the requirements of the mine site vehicle fleet. Step 3: Quantify the amount of water, that needs to be applied to the haul road to ensure the right friction amount so even the largest mine site vehicle can use the road.

From the verification testing carried out by BHP, the ADE Spray water truck control system is capable of delivering the necessary water rate consistently and as required to carry out the all important friction analysis.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and should you wish to discuss any of our products or services, please do not hesitate in contacting myself or one of our dedicated team members. We are always here to assist and work with our customers, to partner with them and to satisfy their engineering and product requirements

Kind regards

Clive Gray

General Manager and Director Australian Diversified Engineering


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