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Danny Visits MINExpo

ADE was one of 26 Queensland METS companies who were invited to attend MINExpo International 2016 in late September as part of the Trade & Investment Queensland (TIQ) delegation. TIQ facilitated a number of networking sessions for Queensland METS companies to meet with representatives of global mining operators at the expo. ADE Director Danny Irvine attended the expo where he presented at the Business Matching with Global Mining Operators session to some of the largest mine operators in the world including Newmont Mining, Teck Resources and Barrick Gold.

He spoke about the work ADE have been doing, in particular with the ADE Spray system which effectively improves water truck efficiency and manages the risks associated with water truck operations.

In 2013, ADE set out to solve the safety related issues of mine haul road watering with the development of the ADE Spray system. The purpose of the system is to suppress fugitive dust emissions, prevent truck slides and vehicle rollovers, and to deliver operational cost savings to mine operators through spraying haul roads more effectively and efficiently.

The key operating principle of the ADE Spray system is that it can spray a defined water application rate rather than an unknown ‘high’ or ‘low’ flow water output, thereby ensuring water output is controlled and greatly improving costs, manage water usage and efficiency.

The ADE Spray evolved with the development of the Multiport Spray Head which was designed to further improve dust management on mine haul roads.

Multiport Spray Head is a large spray head that has two orifices that open sequentially allowing superior water control but also facilitating the output of consistent water coverage at up to 55 km/h. ADE discovered that water carts are generally under-watering at speeds greater than 25 km/h, therefore resulting in higher fugitive dust emission.

ADE is undertaking a case study in the coming months to determine the true operational savings facilitated by the ability to deliver a consistent water coverage rate of up to 55km/h, where it is predicted that the product could reduce annual fuel and maintenance costs for mine sites.

Watch out for updates in future newsletters!

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