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fast fuel filling system

ADE can design and supply the required components to safely and quickly fill mobile equipment. ADE has a large catalog of existing designs to suit trucks, loaders, dozers, excavators and other mobile equipment.


ADE is a distributor of Weir Mineral's Hydrau-Flo Products

The Multiflo Hydrau-Flo valve system is a safe and efficient refuelling arrangement which removes the risk of overfilling, spillage and tank rupture while minimising safety and environmental hazards associated with fuel transfer.

Multiflo Hydrau-flo system incorporates robustly designed fuel filler safety valves and float control valves to provide a reliable, hydraulically operated arrangement that depends on fluid level rather than pressure.

Using conventional systems, overfilling, spillage and tank rupture can be common occurrences. At 1,000 litres per minute, every second of spillage equates to more than 15 litres of diesel wasted and released into the environment while the cost to repair or replace ruptured fuel tanks is significant in terms of materials, labour and equipment down time

Multiflo Hydrau-Flo Valve Range

Hydrau-Flo Fuel Filler Safety Valves are available in three configurations to suit the majority of equipment types and applications.


The standard (Black) valve is ideal for all new equipment applications and existing equipment that has suitable fittings. The compact design delivers the highest flow rate capacity in the range


The most commonly used retro fit (Blue) valve fits directly into truck and loader fuel tanks using the same thread (2" NPT) as the conventionally used dry break fittings (which are screwed back into the Hydrau-Flo Fuel Filler Safety Valve). These valves fit into typical CAT and Komatsu fuel tank recesses.


This retro fit (Red) valve is designed to fit into tanks using the "Wiggins" ZNC3 recess. These are typically used on 776 and 773 trucks.

Hydrau-flo valve operation

Fuel enters the system through a conventional "fast fill" receiver and then flows into the Hydrau-Flo valve body. Fuel pressure forces the shut off piston open against spring pressure and then flows through porting into the tank.

An orifice in the piston directs fuel through a capillary line to the float valve which allows a constant bleed into the tank until filling is complete.

This ensures that the pressure under the piston remains lower than that above.

When fuel reaches the required level the Float Valve is closed and the bleed into the tank is shut off. This equalises the pressure on both sides of the piston in the Hydrau-Flo valve body.

With the pressure balanced the spring will then close the piston and stop fuel flow.

Using the Hydrau-Flo valve system the fuel nozzle cannot be overridden and an air space is maintained in the tank, based on the set point of the float valve. The operation of the system depends on fluid level and not tank pressure.

This removes the potential for overfilling and pressurisation of the tank and prevents fuel loss through air vents which can be caused by expansion in liquid volume as a result of increased ambient temperatures.


  • Flows up to 1,000 L/min

  • Fully mechanical design

  • Eliminates blockage and electronics failure

  • Cannot be over-ridden

  • Reduces costs associated with fuel wastage

  • Improves safety and environmental outcomes


  • Prevents overfilling

  • Prevents fuel spillage and wastage

  • Removes the risk of tank rupture due to pressure build up during and after filling

  • Minimises the risk of fire as a result of fuel spillage

  • Reduces costs associated with fuel wastage and equipment damage

  • Significantly improves safety and environmental outcomes

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