ADE Spray Premium

ADE Spray Premium. A measurable water delivery system using defined input values to achieve a quantitative water output. The high number of uncontrolled movements that still occur on mine sites would suggest that the current water control methods have not been successful in reducing water application to a safe level.

Determining how much water to spray onto a haul road without risking unplanned movement is vital for the safety of vehicle operators, and is based on external factors that can be consolidated into a safe water coverage rate. Water coverage rates are expressed in mm per square metre (mm/m2). Factors to consider include road material and road geometry, which can differ throughout the mine, meaning the water coverage rate must also adapt accordingly. A safe water coverage rate will maintain the required level of friction for safe operation of mobile equipment of all weights and sizes.

The Solution - Measurable water application

Measurable water application means you can set how much water is being sprayed onto the road. The system will apply a pre determined amount of water to the road and the water truck will achieve it regardless of truck speed. ADE Spray Premium uses a term called Water Coverage Rate. This rate is pre-set and can be changed by a supervisor or the operator, at anytime, as required during the water truck operation. The ‘Water Coverage Rate’ is measured in mm/m2.

The Water Coverage Rate is a ‘defined input value’. It is a spray control parameter that actually has meaning- a universal form of measurement from which you can make calculations to generate statistics or for future planning.

ADE Spray Premium delivers the exact amount of water needed, based on the truck ground speed and road surface material, to provide a safe water delivery system for large off highway water trucks every time.

In addition to capable water trucks, successful haul road management and dust suppression requires a water control system that is adjustable and designed to work with the results of friction testing.

ADE Spray Premium   ADE Spray Premium   ADE Spray Premium

Features & Benefits

Ensuring that the maximum safe water coverage rate is sprayed at all times prevents under watering of the haul road and results in fewer passes being required by the water truck, saving the mine operators both water and fuel.

Spraying at the safe water coverage rate also reduces the risk of overwatering, which causes reduced friction and in turn increases the risk of dangerous unplanned movements of mobile equipment. In the event of an unplanned movement, a haul road circuit can be closed for many hours whilst the matter is investigated, costing the mine precious time and money while production is halted. Eliminating overwatering will save both water and fuel, and reduce the risk of the haul roads needing to be closed.

Using a safe, adaptable water coverage rate will allow mine planners to determine the exact amount of water required to spray a haul road circuit. Mine planners will be better equipped to plan water truck requirements including the expected utilisation rate of a water truck, expected fuel rate and water usage and the optimum location of water refill points.

The ADE Spray Premium system:

  • Effective Dust Suppression
  • Safe and controlled water delivery
  • Stop uncontrolled movements
  • Compatible with friction testing in the workshop
  • Digital control system
  • Real Time Monitoring (Wireless connectivity)
  • Water Tank Level Sensor
  • Pump and Motor Assembly
  • Video recording and data overlay